Ray Preston Surprise 60th


Brilliantly organised by Trish - and everyone knew but Ray!!


Great surprise party celebrating Ray's 60th birthday and taken in Blackpool at North Shore Golf Club. Such a mixture of activities on the night including songs written about Ray and performed by his many work colleagues (all secret stage entertainers if you ask me, just waiting for their big moment!!) to our photobooth


A 3 hour session - the brief was to have a mixture of fun shots and family shots.


Preesall, Fleetwood's Charity School - Year 6 Leavers



Working with a school to make their year 6 leavers party that little bit special we were asked to do some fun shots for the kids


This was a one hour session, with 70 photogrpahs produced, and instead of prints being offered each child was given a printed DVD of all the images for them to keep


The school asked us not to put any of the childrens pictures on the website, so instead here are all the teachers and support staff, who couldnt resist a sneaky picture....or three

Ashley Bradleys Christening



Obviously after the Christening, I not sure even we would be welcome in a church asking the congregation to dress in hats, wigs and sunglasses whilst stood round the font !


Again what was aked for here was a complete mixture and with family travelling from as far as Australia it's not often you get the chance to have an updated picture taken with them so you have to grasp the opportunity.


So we produced a wide range of fun shots, family pictures and edited shots all in a 2 hour session



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